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Giving Tuesday Benny Beaver for donation

Donations are always appreciated. During the Covid-19 Pandemic we had very limited earned income. Emergency grants were our main resource for keeping the children's museum alive - through activity kit distributions through food pantries, through online workshops, primarily to Girl Scouts across the country, and outdoor events during a two-year closure.

Disruptions to children's lives impacted our ability to serve them to say the least. We have added many interactive elements to the park, and will continue to add them, to encourage outdoor play as a precaution against catching germs from indoor air and surfaces. 

Slowly, schools are getting back to arranging field trips, but still not at pre-pandemic levels. Happily, we can provide "reverse field trips" by taking a hands on workshop to a classroom of students. Where needed, this is presented in Spanish as well as English!

You can assist with current and future funding needs:

  • Welcome Way Donations are needed to match a $40,000 grant from Maryland Heritage Areas Authority to make CCM’s parking lot safer for children and more eco-friendly. A walkway along the parking lot will have interactive exhibits about the natural world.  

  • Outdoor Play Additions to the park encourage outdoor exploration and creative play for visitors of all ages. We have added outdoor music pieces, a boat made of logs, a pair of Whisper Dishes and the instantly popular Truck Pit. We are currently designing interactive stations related to Creativity with the support of a grant from the Institute for Museum and Library Science.

  • Equitable Access An important part of our mission is to share the museum experience will ALL our children. This covers differing ages, abilities, languages, cultural groups, and economic means. Your donation can fund a family membership to CCM, support field trips for classes from Title One (low-income) schools, or sponsor a community event.

  • Future Financial Security These past four years have been challenging to say the least. Consider endowing the museum with the ability to weather future storms so we can continue to protect and provide for children's essential need to play.

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