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Hello Radio! is an exhibit that is accessed from outside. An exterior window of the museum's building - formerly an actual radio station - reveals two forms (mannequins) as if they are working in a radio studio in the early 70’s. Three QR codes are posted to link to oral histories of Carroll Hynson, radio personality still on the air, Carl Snowden, local activist for Civil Rights who hosted a radio program on WANN as a teenager, and Reneé Spears, music lover who used to work for WEBB radio (We Enjoy Being Black) out of Baltimore in her younger years.

There are 3 sign panels by the still-operating radio tower about: how radio works, how whisper dishes work (a pair is installed in this area), and a local story about how a quick-thinking officer, George Phelps,  saved Annapolis from a riot by redirecting the angry crowd to air their frustrations and rage to WANN radio.

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